Remember, unite, engage – A Europe of Memory

Sme veľmi radi, že sme slovenskými partnermi projektu celoeurópskej protirasistickej siete mimovládnych organizácii EGAM „Remember, unite, engage – A Europe of Memory“. Projekt bol podporený v rámci opatrenia Európska pamäť programu Európa pre občanov (Europe for Citizens Programme) Európskej únie.

Popis projektu (v angličtine): The project looks to strengthen European civil society by bringing together leaders from all around Europe in order to foster transnational dialogue and understanding, strengthen European citizenship and equip activists with knowledge and tools to fight for a Europe of justice. The project will focus on WWII and the Holocaust as major historical reference points for the history of totalitarianism, anti-Semitism and racism in Europe.

6 actions ranging from international conferences to training seminars and grassroots actions will spread knowledge of historic examples of anti-Semitism in Europe and the genocides in Armenia, Rwanda and Srebrenica and will enable open deliberation about the causes of these events. At the same time, civil society leaders will connect and learn about the state of discrimination and democracy in other European countries. Building on past and current examples of civic resistance, they will exchange strategies of resistance and together plan future joint action.

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